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The Impact Investing Podcast

Dec 30, 2015

A end of the year inbetweenisode where I discuss books that have influenced my thinking this year, trends and areas of impact investing I want to explore in 2016, and some of my views and opinions of the field of #impinv as a whole.  

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Dec 10, 2015

Impact beautifully distills the insights and deep wisdom of one of the world’s great social innovators. Etmanski’s book is far more than a practical guide: it’s an invitation to re-imagine possibilities for our lives and for the world we create.”
David Bornstein, author “How To Change The World”

Al Etmanski...

Nov 25, 2015

This is the second episode of the "Sonen Series."

Sonen Capital is one of the top Impact Investing management firms in the United States, and is consistently at the forefront of thought leadership for Impact Investing in Public Markets and projects. 

Raúl Pomares is the Founder of Sonen Capital LLC, where he operates...

Nov 12, 2015

I've had the great pleasure of speaking with many incredible people since I started this Podcast, and this month is no different. I'm calling it the Sonen series – and both episodes this month will be with leaders from Sonen Capital – an impact investing firm based out of San Francisco that I have great respect...

Oct 28, 2015

This episode is with Bessi Graham, CEO and Co-founder of The Difference Incubator (TDi) out of Melbourne, Australia. 

TDi is developing investment-ready enterprises that create positive social impact and are financially sustainable. This initiative will alter the social economy of Australia and open a new market for...