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The Impact Investing Podcast

Nov 25, 2015

This is the second episode of the "Sonen Series."

Sonen Capital is one of the top Impact Investing management firms in the United States, and is consistently at the forefront of thought leadership for Impact Investing in Public Markets and projects. 

Raúl Pomares is the Founder of Sonen Capital LLC, where he operates across the firm’s overall business activities, while focusing on client management, business development and industry leadership. He is a member of the firm’s investment committee.

Raúl is an internationally recognized speaker and author on sustainability and impact investing. He is the co-author of Solutions for Impact Investors: From Strategy to Implementation, published in 2009 by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. He is supporting author to Promoting Sustainable Food Systems through Impact Investing, published by the Springcreek Foundation in June of 2011. Raúl is editor and co-author of Evolution of An Impact Portfolio: From Implementation to Results. In addition, he is an advisor to the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) Impact Base, an initiative to assemble a global comprehensive database of impact investments and to EKO Asset Management Partners, an environmental market focused asset manager. 

This interview with Raúl was great, and I have so much respect for Raul and the entire Sonen Capital team.  They are a class act organization. In this episode we talk about Raúl's beginnings in investing and impact investing, the process of founding a Certified B-Corp investment management firm, the future of public market based impact investing, Raúl's philosophy of investing and much more. One of my favorite aspects of both interviews has to be the shared views between myself and Will and Raúl in that Impact Investing is a methodology - not just an asset class - and can be done in a variety of styles and market types. 

It is my hope that in all every interview on the Impact Investing Podcast that you are able to find areas and aspects that you can relate with as well, and are able to add more tools and mental frameworks to your investment analysis and decisions. 

Thanks for listening, and enjoy!

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