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The Impact Investing Podcast

Jul 7, 2016

Jack Knellinger is the Principal and co-founder of Capria, the world's first VC accelerator focused on training the emerging wave of new impact investing fund managers.

Capria focuses on bringing in teams from developing nations, and teaches them how to operate fundraise and launch their impact focused VC firms in countries that traditionally don’t have experienced investors or a breadth of investors looking to invest in companies that are focused on social or environmental good. Capria also has a really intriguing model which does things such as allowing these emerging investors to put their investments on Capria’s balance sheet, which is incredibly helpful for these first time fund managers.

Led by an experienced team who also runs Unitus Seed Fund, Jack and the team at Capria are doing incredibly important work to spread the influence and implementation of impact investing globally. If you have any interest in launching your own fund, impact investing in parts outside the US, or are intrigued by the idea of an accelerator program for VC fund managers, this episode is a must listen.

Just one quick little side not for everyone listening before the start of the interview...Seattle has got a lot going on in the world of impact investing and for those of you who are unaware, I highly suggest poking your head around either in person or online and getting familiar with the work being done in the area. I think there are a lot of people and companies and names that over time will rise to the top and be some of the most recognizable in the industry.




Jack Knellinger