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The Impact Investing Podcast

Feb 11, 2016

Matt Davis is the Founder and Partner of RENEW - an impact investment and advisory firm that manages and serves the Impact Angel Network, which is a global network of investors who seek to make both social impact and financial returns on their investments in Africa. RENEW’s largest office is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

RENEW likes to invest in companies within the “missing middle” space. Companies that are too big for traditional seed stage investing, but too small for bank loans or traditional financing. The company focuses on Individual investments of $100K - $3M for expansion/growth capital in high growth, domestic firms, with a full exit in 3-7 years via a management buyback; target IRR greater than 25%.

RENEW reduces the costs and risks of investing in developing and emerging countries by partnering with the development community, having a dedicated presence on the ground, managing an exceptional local network, using innovative structures and investment instruments, and providing hands-on consulting to their investments.

Matt has extensive experience working with U.S. and African government leaders and facilitating international business investments. He has traveled and lived in Africa and Latin America. As a management consultant he has advised large U.S. corporations, U.S. government leaders, African governments and African businesses. He specializes in strategic planning, and designing and implementing international investment strategies. Prior to founding RENEW LLC, Matt worked as a principal consultant at the Touchstone Consulting Group, a strategy and management consulting firm for the U.S. government. He has advised executives and government leaders on strategies for environmental sustainability, international development, health policy, information technology, and finance.

Matt's story is one of  perseverance, recognizing opportunity and investing in areas that others are overlooking. If you have any dreams or desires of ever starting your own impact investing firm, or making angel investments to develop essential companies in third world countries, this is an episode for you. 


J Michael Smith
over eight years ago

I so admire your vision for Ethiopia economic growth !! I so agree with what you are doing there.