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The Impact Investing Podcast

Sep 2, 2015

Mark Tercek is the President and CEO of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and the author of the book Nature's Fortune: How Business and Society Thrive by Investing in Nature. In our conversation we talk about the different ways TNC is investing in nature, it's latest programs and strategies to preserve precious land and marine resources, as well as how impact investors can become involved and begin to think about how to invest in the environment. We also talk about some of Mark's personal stories, travels, and two book that had a massive influence in his life.  

When I read Mark's book Nature's Fortune, it was very intuitive and obvious to me. Nature has been evolving ways to handle and address all of the same issues that humans are facing today in regards to clean water, floods, and erosion.  Since then, I have found myself thinking deeply about how can we get investment dollars into environmental conservation and restoration efforts. How can impact investors leap frog past technologies and practices to encourage and deploy sustainable development and biodiviersity preservation?  These are some of the biggest things on my mind, and in this conversation I had the opportunity to hear from one of the biggest names in the game, some of the different ways groups are using innovative finance to approach these issues.  

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