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Interviewing the leaders in Impact Investing and Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship to help build and strengthen communities by sharing the best practices and inspiring stories of these amazing problem solvers.
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Oct 28, 2015

This episode is with Bessi Graham, CEO and Co-founder of The Difference Incubator (TDi) out of Melbourne, Australia. 

TDi is developing investment-ready enterprises that create positive social impact and are financially sustainable. This initiative will alter the social economy of Australia and open a new market for impact investors.

By focusing on coaching, clinics, consultation and incubation - TDi is applying the principles of Business Model Generation when working with social enterprises to develop innovative business models that will help entrepreneurs build companies that have lasting durability in their pursuit of Blended Value.  TDi is also bridging the gap between impact investors and startups by bringing investors to the table and looking at business creation through an investor's lense to help bring suitable dealflow to the areas impact focused investors.

If you want to learn more about the power of coming up with new business models for social enterprise, or want to learn more about what to look for when conducting due dillegence on a potential impact investment, this is a great episode for you. And as a bonus - you'll also finally learn what the difference is between and incubator and an accelerator program!

Oct 13, 2015

This episode is with social entrepreneur Jesse Richardson – the President and Co-Founder of MPACT Project. 

MPACT Project is building a movement of influencers that want to generate social change with business. Together they will mobilize people, communities, and resources to combat poverty, lack, and hopelessness.

Jesse Richardson and Eric Welch became business partners with a vision to effectively solve social problems with the power of business. MPACT Project was founded to create sustainability for both villagers in Guatemala around the world. The direction of MPACT Project was sealed after a summer trip to Guatemala.

MPACT Project is a social enterprise founded to create sustainability for both villagers in Guatemala and the contributors around the world. MPACT Project created the marketplace to generate sustainable change and help you, help the people living in poverty.

MPACT Project allows you to choose a product that could massively impact and help people and a village in Guatemala. You “purchase” it, and then the product is made and deployed in the village. The products range from nutritional products, education, cook stoves and water filters. The best part is, the more you purchase and the more you share, the bigger an impact you can have.

There are many ways to contribute and be involved in impact investing. Not everyone is a fund manager or an angel investor. MPACT Project is a way for the majority of people to get involved in using their money to have an impact in other parts of the world. 

As well, social enterprises such as MPACT Project are the types of companies that early stage impact investing can have a big impact. At #SOCAP15 – early stage impact capital was one of the most talked about and discussed “needs” in advancing the field.

Social entrepreneurship is the other part of the #impinv equation. It is the business model that can have the biggest positive effect on the future.

If you learn more about opportunities to use your money to have an everyday impact in South America, want to learn more about building a #socent or being a social entrepreneur, this is a great episode to check out.

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